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Equipment For Sale

This is stuff I've retired over the years, but never seem to have gotten around to selling.  I have always tried to buy the best I could afford and have rarely ever been dissatisfied.  All equipment was either bought new by me (usually on sale!) or was a dealer demo or open box item from a dealer.  Not being independently wealthy, I'm all about a good deal!

It has all lived in a smoke-free environment and religiously fussed over and maintained.  If you see something you like, need, or just plain have to have, drop me a line and let's see if we can work something out.  It's not doing me any good and certainly isn't going to listen to itself!

Pre-owned Equipment

Pro-ject 9.1 RPM

Purchased as a dealer demo.  Has a small indentation (not really a scratch) in the lacquer on the left hand side of the plinth.  It's not very obvious and can't be seen from the front while listening.  That little 'defect' represented a HUGE savings when I bought this.  The blue LED on the external motor sometimes lights up and sometimes doesn't.  Not sure why, but never seemed important enough to me to investigate further.  The acrylic platter is MASSIVE.  Very stable, quiet, and revealing.  The tonearm is the original 9cc carbon-fiber that came with the turntable.

I have a some extras that will come with this.  Several different counter-weights as well as the Pro-ject protractor for needle setup and alignment, the original record clamp, custom acrylic dust cover, etc.  I don't think I have the original packing box for this one.  Not sure why.


Pro-ject Tube Box II

Great little box for the money.  It was an affordable gateway unit into the world of vacuum tube audio.  Can accommodate both MM and most MC cartridges.  I've used it for both and was always happy with how it sounded.  It sounded very good on the MM setting with a Sumiko Blackbird.  I've had a Hana SL (low output MC) running through it which also sounded spectacular.  It uses two 12AX7 (ECC83) tubes and includes the original Pro-ject branded tubes.  Rolling in some really good tubes can make a dramatic difference.  I had some NOS Telefunkens in it for a while and the difference was NOT subtle.

  • dual-mono design using two dual-triode 12AX7A (ECC83) vacuum tubes for optimal channel separation
  • compatible with moving magnet and moving coil phono cartridges
  • switchable subsonic filter to reduce low-frequency rumble and wasted amplifier power
  • all-metal chassis for improved shielding from vibration and electromagnetic interference.
  • external power supply for reduced noise and interference
  • gold-plated RCA connectors for corrosion-free signal transfer
  • small size allows placement near turntable
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 84dB (MM), 67dB (MC)
  • THD: 0.05% (MM); 0.08% (MC)
  • RIAA response accuracy: < 0.05dB (20-20,000 Hz)
  • gain: 40dB (MM), 60dB (MC)
  • 4-1/16"W x 2-15/16"H x 6-1/4"D


Audio Mirror T-61

This one is tough for me.  I don't use it anymore, but I've loved it so much over the years, I'm conflicted about parting with it.  When I was first starting to put my system together, I kept seeing glowing reviews from folks about this tube pre-amp.  People were just going gaga over this thing because of how well made it is and how overwhelmingly GOOD is sounded.  It is often described as a 'Giant Killer'.  This thing goes head to head with many other pre-amps costing many times more and holds its own and then some.  Extremely low distortion, accurate, and INCREDIBLE dynamic range.  It sounds as good as it looks.  

Uses two 6N1P tubes (1 per channel) and utilizes a tube rectified power supply via a single 6202 (6X4).  Includes original remote, the back of which is damaged, but doesn't affect it's operation. Also comes with the original brass discs for the pointy feet.

Frequency response: 10 hz-81 Khz (YES, you read that correctly!)
THD: <0.1%
Gain: 15dB
Input impedance: 47K
Output impedance: 1.5K
4 line inputs and 2 line outputs


Pro-ject 6.1 SB

This was my very first 'hi end' turntable.  After much research, I became convinced at the time this turntable represented the best value for money in it's price range.  The platter is huge.  I mean the bulk of this entire turntable is its platter!  And I have an extra platter for it which I will include (long story on that).  After listening to this for a number of years, I got it in my head that there was better sound to be had by upgrading my turntable.  That's when I picked up the Pro-ject 9.1.  I was expecting a 'pearly gates of sound opening before me' experience, and was somewhat ashamed of myself to admit that this was not the case.  Wile the 9.1 was an overall better piece of equipment, it didn't offer up a 'Slap you momma!' change in sound.  Illustrating in painful clarity that mo' money doesn't necessarily equate into mo' better, especially in the world of audio.

I think it's interesting to note that Pro-ject killed off this model soon after it started offering the 9's and 10's.  I've always wondered if this was because the 6.1 SB was a little too good, and was leaching sales away from the newer, more expensive models....?


E.A.R. 834P Tube Phono Preamp

Speaking of 'pearly gates of awesome slap yo' momma' sound, this thing delivers it.  I was feeling that the weakest link in my audio chain was the Pro-ject Tube Box II, and that there was substantial improvement to be had by upgrading my Phono Stage to something a bit more capable.  Got this as an open box item from Music Direct several years ago.  I'd thought about these for years, but could just never get myself to spend the money.  Anyway, good things come to those who wait.

Probably the single most revolutionary and revealing event of my audiophile career occurred the day the E.A.R. 834P arrived.  I did a quick listen to some reference tracks with the Tube Box and then hooked up the E.A.R. and re-listened to the same tracks.

The difference was night and day.  This thing was issuing forth a whole different universe of sound!  The sound-stage was dramatically more 3 dimensional.  It was lush, detailed, musical, magical, AMAZING.  Not being one to let good enough alone, after a week or two of simply being spellbound listening to music and hearing it like it was the first time.  I rolled in some NOS tubes.  It uses 3 12AX7 (ECC83)'s.  I tried some Telefunkens, because I had them already for some reason I can't remember, and was surprised that this was not really an improvement, rather much the opposite actually. Darker, softer, mooshy even.  Then put in some NOS Tung-sol's from the 50's and 1 Genelex Gold Lion.  GAME ON!  Really, really nice.  The original tubes are quite good, but by playing around with different tubes you can incrementally improve the sound over all.  It is a very musical and forgiving unit that just makes anything coming through it sound wonderful.

This is really a very nice tube Phono Stage and gets your system knocking at the door of esoteric sound without having to rob a bank to do so!


  • Maximum output: 30V
  • Noise (unweighted): -80 dB (1HF)
  • Tubes: ECC83 x 3
  • MM Input sensitivity: 2.2 mV for 1 V @ 1kHz (53dB)
  • MC Input sensitivity: 0.22 mV for 1 V @ 1kHz (73dB)



Sumiko Blackbird MC Hi-output

Another 'Giant Killer' component.  The Sumko Blackbird MC Hi brings an awful lot to the table at it's price point.  I've had two.  And both were purchased when you could still get them new for under $1K.  This one was rebuilt by Sound Smith in late 2017 and has a new boron cantilever and contact line stylus.  I sent it to them because the stylus was getting a bit old in the tooth.

It came back from SoundSmith sounding better than it did when it originally left the factory.  I retired it when I introduced the Lyra Kleos to my system.  After making some other component changes , I reasoned that I was getting 110% out of the Blackbird and if there was additional musical magic to be discovered deep in the grooves of my beloved records, I would need to step up to a cartridge that could more fully take advantage of some of the newer pieces I had in my signal-chain.  It turns out this was correct, but not inexpensive!

Cartridge Type:
Moving Coil (high output)

Stylus Type:
SoundSmith Contact Line

SoundSmith boron

Dynamic Compliance:
12x10-6 cm/dyn

Frequency Response:
10Hz - 50khz

Output Voltage/Channel:

Internal Impedance:

Channel Separation:
35dB @ 1kHz

Channel Balance:
0.5dB @ 1kHz

Tracking Force Range:
1.8g - 2.2g

Cartridge Weight:


Super dope purveyors of all things audiophile.  They actually care more about your listening experience than they do about making a sale.  Solid gold in my book.  Talk to Kat if you can.  She's the Bomb-dot-com!

Pure Pleasure Records

180gram Audiophile Vinyl Albums Re-Mastered by Some of the Best Engineers in the World. Both Pure Pleasure Records & Speakers Corner Records have their Albums processed and pressed at one of the best Pressing Plants in The World!!

I laughed, I cried, I shit myself lifeless!

Victor Shackapopolis, Audiophile

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