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Privacy Policy

I'm not responsible for anything, ever.  I'm barely qualified to be responsible for getting up in the morning and spending ridiculous sums of money on sound equipment and shotguns.  I AM however qualified to use both of the same and endeavor to be responsible in their use.  But let's get back to the topic of Privacy here...

I make no guarantees nor assurances about anything, period.  When we come into this world we are not issued with a warranty card of any kind, nor are we assured that life is fair.  I don't think I'm invading your privacy, but maybe I am and just don't know it.  Bad shit happens sometimes.  Deal with it.

If you're not comfortable with any of this, go fuck yourself and lurk somewhere else.  In that case, before you go, you may want to review my Terms and Conditions as it's likely to apply to you.

Super dope purveyors of all things audiophile.  They actually care more about your listening experience than they do about making a sale.  Solid gold in my book.  Talk to Kat if you can.  She's the Bomb-dot-com!

Pure Pleasure Records

180gram Audiophile Vinyl Albums Re-Mastered by Some of the Best Engineers in the World. Both Pure Pleasure Records & Speakers Corner Records have their Albums processed and pressed at one of the best Pressing Plants in The World!!

I laughed, I cried, I shit myself lifeless!

Victor Shackapopolis, Audiophile

Drop Me a Line

If you like something you see here, have additional insight, or are just bored and lonely listening to great recordings but not able to share it with anyone, drop me a line.  There are far too few people out there who get into this stuff to such a disturbing degree.  We need to keep in touch!