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Art Pepper - Picture of Heath

Another excellent audiophile re-issue from PurePleasure Records in the UK!  I LOVE Art Pepper, and Chet Baker isn't any sort of a slouch either.  Having both together is awesome times 2.   This release was re-mastered from the original mono analogue tapes, and sounds great.  The only way it could be better would be if it had originally been recorded in stereo.  Having said that, while I was initially mildly disappointed this was a mono recording, I have to admit that I was impressed with how good it sounded.  It might sound even better using a mono phono cartridge, but I don't have one.

I think these tracks really illustrate just how good recording engineers had to be back in the day.  If they got something wrong, it wasn't just a matter of taking care of it digitally, inside a computer.  Microphone selection and placement were extremely important.  Pre-amp, EQ, Compression, were all really important; knowing which ones to use and why.  The picture on the front of this album seems to indicate that at least for some of the session, several of the musicians were gathered around ONE mic (Looks like it might be a Neumann or RCA?).  Some of the pictures on the back show different mics being used with different instruments.  However they did it, to get things sounding this good, the engineer really new what he was doing.

Particularly interesting is how the bass solos are handled.  Things get REAL quiet with just a hint of piano and a whisper of drum brushes to keep everything stitched together.  Just gorgeous!

Personnel: Chet Baker -Trumpet / Art Pepper - Alto Saxaphone / Phil Urso - Tenor Saxaphone / Carl Perkins - Piano / Curtis Counce - Bass / Lawerence Marable - Drums
Side A: 1.Picture Of Heath 2.For Miles And Miles 3.C.T.A
Side B: 1.For Minors Only 2.Minor Yours 3. Resonant Emotions 4.Tynan Time
Label: Pasific Jazz
Cat No: PJ18
Format: 1x Lp Standard Sleeve
Produced by: Richard Bock
Re-Mastered by: Ron McMaster at Capitol Sudios, U.S.A
Recorded: October 31st 1956

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Super dope purveyors of all things audiophile.  They actually care more about your listening experience than they do about making a sale.  Solid gold in my book.  Talk to Kat if you can.  She's the Bomb-dot-com!

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