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The Complete Art Pepper At Ronnie Scott's Club London June 1980

Holy cow!!  The best recorded material I have ever heard, on any format, of any genre,  anywhere.

After listening to a few of these, I think I can honestly and objectively say they are the BEST mastered and pressed records I have ever heard, period.  This Ray Staff guy is a mastering genius!

No kidding.  The dynamics and detail are amazing and there is an element of ‘depth’ here that I’ve never heard this dramatically before.  I’m not sure I have the words to accurately describe this.

They transport you in space and time and put you in the front row at this club.  It's unbelievable.

Seriously!  I can’t think of a single recording I own that touches these.  Simply magical.

Get it while you can, because I'm told there won't be any more.  You can order directly from PurePleasure here...

Skillfully edited & mastered by Ray Staff to produce seven vinyl albums containing the original eight tracks from the two Mole LPs & adding an extra seventeen performances never previously available!

LP 1 (27th June 1980):

SIDE A: 01. Blues for Blanche (9:52); 02.Ophelia (11:11)
SIDE B: 01. Make A List Make A Wish (16:57); 02. Sad A Litle Bit (7:22)

LP 2 (27th June 1980):

SIDE A: 01. Ornithology (6:16); 02. Red Car (12:19)
SIDE B: 01. Arthur's Blues (13:34)

LP 3 (27th June 1980)

SIDE A: 01. Untitled Nº 34 (11.22): 02. Song For Richard ((13:33)
SIDE B: O1. Rhythm-A-Ning (9:32); 02. Rita-San (6:45)

LP 4 (27th June 1980, Side A / 28th June 1980, Side B):

SIDE A: 01.  What's New (8:05); 02. I'lle Rememnber April (12:51)
SIDE B: 01. True Blues (11:14); 02. Ophelia (10:33)

LP 5 (28th June 1980):

SIDE A: 01. Make A List Make A Wish (14:58); 02. Stardust (8:08)
SIDE B: 01. Red Car (12:29)

LP 6 (28th June 1980):

SIDE A: 01. Straight Life (7.03); 02. Y.I. Blues (11:50)
SIDE B: 01. The Trip (12:40); 02. I'lle Remember April (11:49)

LP 7 (28th June 1980):

SIDE A: 01. Goodbye (11:12), 02. In A Mellotone (6:08)
SIDE B: 01. Blue For the Fisherman (13:11)

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